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Goals and objectives

The main goal of the GLOBE project is to assess the effects of climate change on the Carpathian and Scandinavian brown bear populations and how these effects are mediated by human-related factors, and disentangle the mechanisms for climate-change adaptation in large carnivores from boreal and alpine ecosystems.
Within the GLOBE project, we want to:

  1. determine the effects of climate changes on brown bear winter ecology,
  2. build a climate envelope model for the brown bear and predict the species distribution and potential range shifts under different climate scenarios and in different regions and time periods,
  3. assess climate and human-induced changes on brown bear foraging patterns, predict future trends and identify potential trophic mismatches,
  4. investigate how climate conditions affect the short- and long-term physiological stress of bear populations (relationship between stress levels and individual fitness),
  5. evaluate the socio-economic aspects of climate-driven changes in human-bear relations,
  6. disentangle the mechanisms for brown bear adaptation to climate changes,
  7. disseminate to the broad audience and target groups (wildlife managers) the message of the effects of climate change on a charismatic and familiar species like the brown bear, predict consequences and trends, and ultimately provide guidelines for brown bear population management.